Burial Choices

A Variety of Burial Choices

Beaver Cemetery has expanded over the years to its current size of 46 acres. The sections that were laid out and conceptualized as part of the original cemetery design are referred to as "Old"sections. The “New” section is complete with irrigation, ambient lighting, and extensive landscaping including more than 100 trees. It features a columbarium for cremation urn remains and a beautiful Cremation Garden, where upright memorials are encouraged.

Over 2,000 additional cemetery and private crypt lots are available.

Our mausoleum which is heated and air conditioned offers above ground burial choices of crypts, niches and family areas. The Chapel provides an appropriate and serene place for services and quiet meditation. Private mausoleums within the cemetery grounds are permitted.

So They Have A Place To Go

A place of reflection and relaxation… joggers taking advantage of the cemetery’s wide walking paths or families enjoying a stroll among the beautiful shade trees.

Internment Database

Here you find details about Beaver Cemetery and individual memorials for many people buried here. Memorials generally include birth, death and burial information and may include pictures, biographies, family information and more. Currently, there are over 24,000 memorials listed.

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