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Beaver Cemetery, A Fitting Tribute

Since the Civil War, people have chosen Beaver Cemetery as a final resting place for their loved ones. Here amid the beauty of stately trees sits an area landmark with winding roads and intriguing monuments standing in tribute to the persons who contributed to the history and destiny of this area. Centrally located, Beaver Cemetery is surrounded by a wall that separates this quiet peaceful setting from urban surroundings, and designates it as a special place set aside for peaceful repose. Here lives are remembered and their passage honored in quiet dignity.

Careful planting of trees over the years and constant upkeep ensures that this proper historical setting will be retained with all its beauty. Every year the seasonal changes add to the dramatic beauty of the cemetery, which is enhanced each spring by the bright colors of family plantings and veterans’ flags waving.

A Tradition of Caring

The Beaver Cemetery was founded in 1865 by community leaders to provide an area for proper burial. Through the foresight of its founders, a trust fund was established to ensure maintenance of the cemetery with perpetual care. This leadership enables the Beaver Cemetery to carry the distinction of being one of the oldest ongoing institutions in Beaver County. It is recognized by the Beaver County Veteran’s Office as one of the best maintained cemeteries in our area.

We Are Nonprofit

Today, the Beaver Cemetery is a nonprofit organization governed by a voluntary board of trustees. As a nonprofit organization all income generated by the cemetery is used to meet operational costs, to make improvements, and to provide perpetual care for centuries to come. As a nonsectarian facility, Beaver Cemetery is open to all who choose to take advantage of its historical beauty and tradition of caring.

A Variety of Burial Choices

The Beaver Cemetery offers a variety of burial choices. Cemetery lots are available where either raised or ground level memorials are permitted. Private mausoleums within the cemetery grounds are also allowed. In our beautiful mausoleum there are above-ground burial crypts and niches, and private areas also available.

Prearrangement, A Thoughtful Decision

We at Beaver Cemetery strongly recommend that you make your final arrangements as a shared and thoughtful decision. Prearrangement relieves the family of making decisions under stressful conditions. Consider us as you would a friend, and let the courteous staff of Beaver Cemetery help you with your decisions concerning the burial alternatives and selections available.

We invite you to consider this beautiful historical setting as a fitting tribute to a cherished family member as a peaceful final resting place. Beaver Cemetery is a pleasant reminder of yesteryear. We cordially invite you to stroll or ride through this beautiful historical site.